Ferdinand comments about English Team treatment

The former Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand has always been known for his outspoken personality as the Englishman constantly uses social media to voice out his opinion concerning certain subjects.
In one his latest points of discussion, Ferdinand said that England players are treated like complete babies. This was the comment that was released by the experienced defender as he wrote on his autobiography which is titled: ‘’#2sides’’.
During the 2014 World Cup, Rio Ferdinand played his role as a reporter and pundit as he was shown on television channels revealing his opinion about players and matches. The defender got the chance to view up close and personal a few training sessions and even enter the hotel rooms of various squads.
“After I visited the England team following the Italy game, I went to the Dutch squad’s hotel. The difference was so telling! The English had just lost so obviously they were a bit dejected. It’s natural’’
‘’Then I went to the Dutch team where I met Robin van Persie. Holland had just beaten Spain and everyone was smiling and Robin was laughing his head off, telling jokes, and talking about Louis van Gaal. He was saying, ‘He tells us before the game, “This is how the game is going to play out” … and everything happens exactly as he predicts. He didn’t say we were going to score five goals but he did tell us how we were going to win.’” Rio Ferdinand says on his recently launched autobiography.
Rio Ferdinand also continued on his expressing his support towards ending racism by saying that tackling racism can start in stadiums. Racism is a factor that in this day and age still affects players and even clubs as there have been events and cases where matches have had to be suspended due to racial abuse and things of this nature and Ferdinand is one of the soccer figures that has continuously voiced his support in trying to end racism.