The centre-back of Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand, might think of leaving Manchester United after the completion of his contract. Ferdinand’s contract is going to expire at the end of the ongoing season and there have been a few reports that the English defender might sign for a Chinese super League cup.

Ferdinand had joined Manchester United in 2002 after leaving Leeds United. Manchester United had bought him after paying a huge transfer fee of 30 million Pounds. However, the manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, has said that the club is interested in extending the contract of Ferdinand.

When asked whether the club wants to extend the contract of Ferdinand, Ferguson replied, “Yes, we want him to continue playing for United for the next couple of years and I think that he is fit enough to do that. He is 34 years of age and clearly, he is not as fast as he used to be 5 years ago. But, he is that much skilled and experienced that the reduction in his speed doesn’t really matter. He is still a quality player and can produce match winning performances.”

“I haven’t yet talked to Rio about the extension of contract. This is an important phase of the league and I want him to concentrate on his game only. At the right time, I will talk to him and hopefully, he would sign a new contract.”

When Ferdinand was asked if there is any possibility of him joining a Chinese Super League club in the summer next year, the English defender said, “Look, I haven’t yet decided anything about my future. At the end of the ongoing season, I would reassess the things and then, would take any decision. Thinking about all this in the middle of the season is not sensible.”