Football without Fans

Playing away in Football is always hard because apart from those XI who are on the ground, you are also playing against those who are in the stands.

The contribution of the fans, which comes in the form of the noise that they keep making; it can get to the visiting teams at times.

But on Tuesday, it was as if the Sky Blues’ players were left to do it all on their own against PSG. For about an hour and 15 minutes inside Etihad, there was nothing like what we call home support.

The crowd was full capacity. Every seat in the house had bums on it, but, the electricity couldn’t be felt. Everyone was pretty quiet to begin with.

The occasion might have been too hot as City was bidding for their first-time entry into the European semis, but, still, being so quiet was strange from the spectators.

And, City was even on advantage having scored two, away in Paris the previous week, but, anxiousness was still around. Only when a goal was put on the score sheet late in the evening, the arena erupted.

Rio Ferdinand, who was present at the spot to do his job as a pundit, was very critical of the home supporters.
There was actually no pundit covering that game who disagreed to Ferdinand’s opinion. All of them lashed out at the City faithful for providing such indifferent atmosphere to their players.

As far as City’s play is concerned though, Ferdinand was full of admiration and he refused to write them off further in the competition.

The former Red Devil, however, did not label City the favourites either saying that their qualification to finals will depend on which opposition they play.

According to Ferdinand, if they have one of the Spanish heavyweights as opposition, then it’ll probably be a tall order.