Jose Mourinho doesn’t think that Manchester United is going to have a great time in the English top tier this summer if they don’t show some activity in the transfer market and add to the quality in the first team squad by buying a few players. Out of all the top teams in the Premier League, United has been the least active since the transfer window has opened and has roped in only three players so far with the window to be going to get closed in only a couple of days’ time.

As per Mourinho, he has conveyed to his hierarchy about his requirements in terms of the players and now it’s up to them to do something in that regard in the remaining time of the transfer window. It’s very, very important because the rival clubs are spending a hell of a lot of money in the market and is being able to get hold of some very good players which is subsequently enhancing their squad and are putting them into a fine shape to have a good run in the Premier League, something which is not the case with United and if it doesn’t change in time, United might be on the back-foot in the upcoming season.

The United boss didn’t look too much fazed by the team’s average performance in the pre-season and was rather glad that the pre-season eventually came to an end. In Mourinho’s opinion, the kind of squad he had assembled for pre-season and the kind of players he had to play with, this was the best that could have been done. Whichever young boys got the opportunity to represent the first team, they must have learnt a lot which would help them massively going forward.