Rio Ferdinand Now Opens Up About Some Massive Benders That He Experienced During His Entire Playing Career

Rio Ferdinand, the legend of English football admitted that he enjoyed boozing a lot as a young player he would definitely go on benders and will also drink Guinness’ 10 pints before finally hitting all the vodkas.

The icon of Leeds, West Ham, and Manchester United has finally revealed that he was part of a culture of major drinking in his initial career as reported by The Sun. The former player of Red Devils and captain of England named Rio played total 81 times for his own country and he was regarded as 1 of the legendary defenders in international football.

But he has also confessed that there was also a time when he behaved “like an insane” as downed vodka and pints for fun. And in an interaction with The Guardian, Rio, who is 40 years old – who at the Hammers came through the ranks has said: “I often went through some load when I was a young player. And “I could probably do 8, 10, ten. After that, I move on to some vodka.

“I could definitely go through a lot of loads. I could also go drinking the whole day, the just waking up and then go again when I was a young player. I often tell people who keep asking me if I have any sort of regrets about playing or not, I would not have drunk so much alcohol. When I was very young I did. And yes I was insane. But when I was at the club of West Ham, some elements of my own career were nothing more than a blur.”

When he made his move which was record breaking from the club of Leeds to the club of Manchester United in the year 2002 for an amount of $54 million, and then he had clearly started to pull back from the zenith and then largely cut out some alcohol during the season.