Rio Ferdinand reveals details about his Manchester United days with C.Ronaldo

The now retired Rio Ferdinand has recently unveiled information involving his time spent in Old Trafford back when he was a teammate of C.Ronaldo and the former defender stated that there was a certain point in the career of the Portuguese player where he went from being just a good player to one of the best in the world.

“He liked taking liberties when he first came, taking people on, making people look silly and doing skills before coming back to beat them again. His whole thing when he first signed was about showmanship, he’d listen to the fans when he’d do that bit of skill, when he’d do that step-over’’

‘’Whereas then there was that turning point around that time when it was about goals, assits. Then he became the game-changer, rather than the showman. That’s that maturity,” concludes Ferdinand, “and the penny dropping.” Former Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand said.

According to Rio Ferdinand, when C.Ronaldo was first introduced to English football, the Portuguese player was more focused on making people look silly and bursting past them as well as listen to his fans as he asked his own supporters what they wanted to see and he would do it on the pitch but as time passed on C.Ronaldo started to focus more on being an actual good player as he became a ‘’game changer’’

It was from this point on that C.Ronaldo started to break his previous personal records of goals and assists. When he was just focusing on his neat tricks and fast footwork, even though it was fairly impressive and nice to watch, it didn’t really allow him to be a noticeable figure in terms of scoring goals at a consistent basis or being significantly helpful to his team when it comes to assists but after changing his methods and playing style, that’s when C.Ronaldo really started to make a difference.