Rio Ferdinand Talks About Nani

Rio Ferdinand has given his opinion as to the abilities of many players which have come under the limelight as the Euro games have been recently concluded.

Ferdinand has made a claim about Nani’s abilities. He feels that this player can definitely prove to be one of the star players in the world. Having been a defender of Manchester United, he is definitely in a position to judge the skills of upcoming players.

He has commented on how Nani has natural abilities which can make him a brilliant player. He has decision making skills that need to be improved upon and that can help him overcome his drawbacks in being a great player. Indeed, this observation is based on how Nani performed on the field in Euro 2016. Having played with Nani Ferdinand is able to give accurate observations. Both of them had won four titles in Premier League games as well as in the Champions League when they were together at Manchester United. This club is known to have spawned many world class footballers and Ferdinand is one of them.

Ferdinand feels that the 29 year old gamer who currently plays for Valencia, has abilities that are as good as star players like Ronaldo. Indeed, he did have some frustrating times in Man United but that has nothing to do with the kind of natural ability he possesses. He is able to play well with the left as well as right feet and he has a pace that is to die for. He is brave as well, but the points that he has to work upon are to digest the information on the field and the last minute decisions that need to be taken on the field. He is a great attacker on the field and he has skills as well for a striker.