Rio Ferdinand’s season as well as the majority of his teammates of Manchester United is one to forget for the veteran defender who is reaching the end of his career at least with the Premier League club as his age and legs have been showing signs of slowing down and just not being able to keep up with the rest of his team and his opponents.

Manchester United’s latest Premier League match was a great example of why there are so many reports and rumors being spread around concerning the future of Rio Ferdinand and many other players in Old Trafford.

Manuel Pellegrini’s team locked horns with Manchester United in the home-turf of the hosts and they took the lead since the 1st minute of the match with the Bosnian forward Edin Dzeko slipping the ball into the net of De Gea and from there on out, there was little United could do to stop the opposition from scoring more goals.

Ferdinand failed to properly mark Edin Dzeko as he just couldn’t keep up with the former Wolfsburg player. The 35 years old English defender was purchased from Leeds United with a price tag of £30 million back in 2002 and that time, he was the most expensive defender but times have changed and he is now barely able to get any playing time at all.

Not all the blame can be put to Ferdinand as just about the entire Manchester United team seemed to be crippled against their rivals City. If Moyes does remain being the head coach of United for the upcoming seasons, his problem will not be on who to clear out but on which players to invest.

More players will be seeing their way out of the club than entering and this is why Moyes has to use whatever budget he is given wisely in order to avoid any further unnecessary disastrous seasons.