This Is How Rio Ferdinand Rates Performance Of Manchester United

According to Rio Ferdinand, the defense of Manchester United is not good enough to watch the Red Devils win in the Champions League. The men’s of Jose Mourinho has kicked off their campaign opposite the Young Boys in Switzerland.

The squad of Red Devils has been given a difficult group next to Valencia and Juventus and should put a season’s tough start behind them. In the year 2011, United reached to the final, but according to the observation of Ferdinand he doesn’t see that his old club is reaching at the same stage in this season as well.

He said, “Considering how they are performing, I don’t think there is enough strength in the team. The base of all the big teams that win matches is the defense. As far as the defense of United is a concern, it is not strong enough at this point of time and even they have not tried to make it strong. So, this makes me believe that they are not doing well,’ he said this in an interview.

‘The team has gotten a Superman in goal. In his absence what would happen, I don’t have any idea about the same. The guys in the team are inconsistencies as a person every week. The strong defense could not be created with unreliable people. And with people who haven’t performed.”

“Look at the performance of Victor was it fine? No. Eric worked? No. Take Phil Jones and Chris Smalling both haven’t shown their potential so far like they showed when they first entered in the team. So, the things will remain the same. I see think soon they all will be out of the group – and it is a great group with Cristiano Ronaldo returning with Juventus. But, things are still not clear, what will happen.”